Google 's Philosophy Of Organizational Design Essay

Google 's Philosophy Of Organizational Design Essay

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Google’s Philosophy of Organizational Design
The philosophy of Google’s organizational design is to implement new programs that will increase employee’s productivity and the culture of creativity. Google’s culture is based on its philosophy: “[t]o create the happiest, most productive workplace in the world” (Martin, 2014). Google believes in a culture of equality among team members and fostering leadership. However, Google has been lacking in gender diversity (Kokalitcheva, 2015). I propose that Google should recruit more female engineers through various programs (Kokalitcheva, 2015). To achieve this, Google will provide info-session at graduate schools in an attempt to recruit more women engineers. Benefits such as parental leave and paid day-care will be provided for children.
On top of performance pay, Google “provides 4 months of parental leave with 75% of full pay and offers $500 for take-out meals for families with a newborn” (Noviantoro, 2014). I propose that we increase parental leave up to 8 months and allow new moms to be able to work from home. When it comes to hiring employees, Google maintains its culture and seeks to hire individuals who have strong leadership skills and a passion for innovation. We will collect psychological profiles on potential employees and conduct personality tests because we want to hire individuals who are ambitious and have high energy. In 5 years, Google is expected to hire more women, and exponentially grow and have its web portal readily accessible to everyone.
Designing The Organization
Google is well known for providing the largest digital search engine in the world (Morris, n.d). Its main objective is to encourage productivity among its employees and foster leadership to...

... middle of paper ...

...ll create an “organization culture that values good performance and customer service” (Osland et al, 2007, p. 112).
In conclusion, Google will have a competitive advantage in the market when more women engineers are hired. The culture of equal gender representation in the workforce will give Google a competitive advantage as different perspectives will lead to new innovative ideas. The philosophy of Google’s organization is to implement new programs that will increase the productivity of its employees. The work environment of Google is to encourage creativity through interactions and a fun work environment. In exchange, employees are expected to work productively for the company. Thus, Google’s competitive advantage is its infrastructure as it constantly tries to figure out new programs that will make its employees’ happier, healthier and more productive.

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