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Google 's Impact On China Essays

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Prior to entering China, Google had high expectations of succeeding in China’s booming market for Internet companies. As Google entered China, they experienced unexpected problems that Google was not prepared to solve. Some of the problems Google faced were: criticisms from the US government and its citizens, poor service to their Chinese users, and a loss of market share to their Chinese competitors.

The US government was certainly not a fan of Google entering China. The US government’s view was that Google entered China by placing move value on making profits than protecting citizens’ right to the freedom of speech. Google wasn’t the only American company in China making large profits, but Google was held to a higher standard because of their stance on doing what is right or as they say “Don’t Be Evil.” However, the US Government was not the only one to have negative feelings about Google in China. Americans were unhappy with Google in China as well. Google has been criticized for censoring its service in China and for digitizing copies of books online. Book publishers have raised their voice against Google for these actions.

Google’s decision to enter China was not a popular one. They received criticisms from many directions. However, criticism was not the only problem Google faced in China. China’s sophisticated censorship system caused more headache to Google than the criticisms. What is acceptable and unacceptable web content in China is not clearly defined in China. This lack of clarity has put Google in confusion. Hence, their site was shut down by the Chinese government as Google were not following the Chinese censorship rules. As a result, they lost market share to Chinese-based Internet companies, specifically Bai...

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...ive to local conditions. These can be achieved by hiring Chinese employees and partnering with Chinese firms.
When a company decides to enter into a country with a different culture than its home country, it will eventually face a lot of issues. In the case of Google, these included political problems, technological problems, cultural problems and ethical issues as discussed above. A standpoint needs to be taken on whether to adapt completely to the culture of the host country, keep the values of the home country, or preferably manage a balancing act between the two. It does not matter which path an organization decides to take. It must be aware and prepared with a strategy on facing the problems that will occur when doing business in a foreign country. Personally, I strongly believe Google should comply and stay in China as that will benefit them in the long run.

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