Essay about Google Glass First Hit The Market

Essay about Google Glass First Hit The Market

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Everything invented is created because of a need. Concurring to Irving Fang, we’ve started out with the phonograph leading the way, followed by radio television, cable audiotape, VCRs, DVDs, Internet, laptop, tablet, IPhone and now we have Google Glass (Fang, p.148). Google builds products for profit entities and to meet people’s needs; for example, google mail. However, for all products and new forms of communication the process model plays as a guideline. It should involve a need, creator, medium, gatekeeper, law entrepreneurs and a market. The need for a piece of technology that was wireless and hands free grew after the cellphone.
Google glass first hit the market around two or three years ago. I heard about Google Glass last year in my Intro to Communication class when we were looking at different types of technologies. We had to invent our own type if communication device and had to be sure not to copy anyone else’s ideas. I then again recently heard about it again from Dr. Schrag in his online videos where discusses it becoming new and then old and now it’s new again. “While the first Google Glass can be viewed as a model and still has a vast opportunity to get better, the product titan has put a ton of confidence in the conceivable fate of registering which can possibly leave laptops and desktop machines behind’ (“Google Glass 2”).
Google, the creator of Google Glass took the task of creating a piece of technology that would fit this itch. Convenience is very important to people, which is what Google Glass provides. It is a game changer; we are now able to wear the future on our head. Google glass is the next step from the iPhone, Tablet and GPS. It gives us an opportunity to share events and to keep in touch with people...

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...terms of virtual reality and pop up display. It will show the users how to do certain activates. It’s retooled because of different wants and needs. “It’s indicated that that particular version could be a “Sport” version. With rivals Recon and Meta headed to the sports arena soon, a Glass for Fun could actually be around the corner too” (“Google Glass 2”).

Society is hungry for all types of technology. Google Glass will only intensify what we already have. People will feel no need to have any face to face interaction. There will be no reason for television sets or laptops. ‘The urge to control all mass communication media remains vigorous both in and out of government” (Fang, p.82). There is no telling what type of technology we will have our hands on in the next few years. We are developing new advances in technology everyday at a more rapid rate than ever before.

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