Google: Brand Name of a Leading Internet Search Engine, Founded in 1998 Essay

Google: Brand Name of a Leading Internet Search Engine, Founded in 1998 Essay

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“Google: brand name of a leading Internet search engine, founded in 1998.”(Google.). The company Google was founded in 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Google first started out as a general search engine that people could use on a daily basis to look up and find whatever information quickly and efficiently. Fifteen years later, Google has expanded into much more than just a search engine. The company Google has now expanded its reach into various aspects of people’s daily life. Many people use Google inspired technology every day without using their search engine. Google is one of the rapidly expanding companies of the 21st century, and they don’t show any clear sign of slowing down. It seems like at turn to Google is there inspiring our lives. Google has expanded greatly in the last fifteen year and will continue on until they take over most of the technological industry.
Google has already shown signs of taking over the technological industry with the creation of Google Fiber. Google Fiber is an internet service that Google has set up in Kansas City to be more reliable, better service, and cheaper internet service. Google Fiber Basic Broadband is free, after the three-hundred dollar construction fee, and people can pay the money either up front or have a twenty-five dollar a month charge for twelve months. Once Google Fiber has been set up across the country they will make internet affordable for every home in America. When there is internet in every home in America Google will have a wider range of consumers using their technology. With consumer usage going up, profit goes up as well, and when profit goes up Google will once again create another product that will further help consume...

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...uble dominating again. At the rate Google is expanding it’s a matter of when will they take over the technological industry instead of how.

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