Google And Companies Use Free Market Research Essay example

Google And Companies Use Free Market Research Essay example

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Google and companies use free market research tools such as Think Insights, Google Trends, and Google’s Keyword Tool. Think Insights is a research hub that provides insights into 14 different industries. It provides case studies, articles, infographics, interviews, research, webinars, and other insightful content” (Papagiannis, 2013). Google Trends is a robust tool that provides several pieces of trend information about how people search. Companies can see the dips and inclines around particular searches (Papagiannis, 2013). This can provide popularity insight around a brand or product category, among other things. It also provides insight around searches for images, news, products, and YouTube topics. Google’s Keyword Tool can help provide calculations on how often a search occurs for a topic, and how competitive it is (Papagiannis, 2013). There are several ways brands can use this to help identify brand popularity and category demand (Papagiannis, 2013). Google is continually increasing its tools to provide companies with the capability to conduct market research. These are only a few of their tools. Companies should emphasize and frequently exploit these tools and work with their marketers to stay aware of the wide array of research that is available.
Yahoo’s market research tool Yahoo has served as a portal for discovery for many companies for decades. Their search engines has helped companies conduct market research while trying to stay ahead of the competition. The internet contains a plethora of information to help companies do their research. It lets them do research on an opponent and evaluate competito...

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... type of segmentation, an organization can categorize the needs of consumers. Psychographic segmentation is dividing your market based upon consumer personality traits, values, attitudes, interests and lifestyles. Segmentation will allow you to better develop and market your products because there will be a more precise match between the product and each segment has needs and wants. “Behavioral segmentation divides the market into groups based on their knowledge, attitudes, uses and responses to the product” (Kotler & Keller, 2014). Some of the frequently applied behavioral variables are occasions, user status, usage rate, buyer readiness stage, and loyalty status (Kotler & Keller, 2014). Regardless of the segmentation method a company use, it is vital that a company make the necessary adjustments to the marketing program in order to meet the needs of the consumer.

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