Good Vs Evil : Will It Ever End? Essay

Good Vs Evil : Will It Ever End? Essay

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Maddie Wittemann
Good vs Evil: Will it Ever End?
In epic literature as well as in modern day, the battle of good versus evil is never ending. In the modern world the battle for good and evil is more of a psychological feat. When Beowulf battles his physical demons, in the modern day and age the battle is with the minds of the people that cannot be conquered by the sword. In the battles of Beowulf and the modern people, the destruction and hardship brings loved ones together in an act of sharing the burden. Within certain battles that occur those involved in the combat will show their true colors. The story of the glorious battle is then passed on as a reminder and an inspiration to those who will follow. Beowulf is similar in many ways to the modern world which is why it is a great tool for inspiration on how to battle the monsters that terrorize the people of the world. The Anglo-Saxon epic Beowulf also exhibits such battles with the physical fight and how that relates to today’s day and age, the building of relationships between people, the values that are exhibited with the act, and the legacy left behind.
The physical fight in which Beowulf battles many monsters, relates to the modern world in which here the monsters are not physical but psychological. In the fight between Grendel and Beowulf, Grendel begins by terrorizing the people. “…began to work his evil in the world./ Grendel was the name of this grim demon haunting the marches, marauding round the heath…” (Beowulf 99-103). This then causes a lot of discomfort and trouble within the hearts of the men and their king. Beowulf then, upon learning of the news comes to confront this destroyer. As the battle commences, the outcome of the victor is unknown for no one quite kn...

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Physical battles in relation to modern day battles, as well as the relationships between the people growing, and the values and legacy left are exhibited in the Anglo-Saxon epic Beowulf. Though the battles of Beowulf were physical the ones in modern day are more psychological and are harder to defeat with weapons. With the hardship of the battles being faced, it brought loved ones closer together and strengthened their relationships. Also, during the hard times, it causes people to reveal their true colors; who they really are, for better or worse. It also left behind a legacy that would continue to inspire all those that followed. The battle of good and evil is never ending. It may end for a time but evil will always come back and good will always win. For example, when Beowulf5 “survived many a skirmish when I was young and many times of war…” (2426-2437).

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