Good Things Come Throughout Threes Essay examples

Good Things Come Throughout Threes Essay examples

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Good things come in threes. The power of three suggests that those that come in threes are funnier, more satisfying, and more effective. Maybe that is why there are always up to three people that affects one’s life. Three people make a social circle. Eighteen years into Fariha Alam’s life did she realize who her three were.
Born on October 18, 1997, she knew the mother she was born to would always be one of those three. As she progressed later in life, transitioning at a very young age from life in Brooklyn, New York to the metro Atlanta area she found her other half - Sanjee. Her cousin was more than just family. They were sisters, each other’s “ride or die”, day one, and every other millennial lingo you could think of that signified the lasting importance of a significant other. According to sociologist G.H. Mead, a significant other is someone who makes a lasting impact on your life, not just your non-platonic life partner. But the non-platonic life partner did come later for Fariha, it came in the form of an older, 5 feet and 11 inch, white male that went by the name Daniel Detlefsen. Through the course of her life she became exposed to different situations that proved that these were the three people she would have always come to cherish in her lifetime.
In a split level house in Dunwoody, Georgia, Fariha grew up in a semi-conservative household and a semi-conservative neighborhood with 2 brothers and both parents. She was the middle child, but always felt like the oldest due to her older brother being away at boarding school in Pennsylvania for most of her life and only came around once or twice a year. Her father worked a multi-location business so he was gone majority of the day, resulting in a not so close relationship...

... middle of paper ... come between us like this.”
Daniel gazed at her and sighed, “Look, I promised myself I would not date, not until after I got passed college and the part of my life I should have completed years ago. But I met you and I broke that promise so I could get you before someone else does”.
Fariha stared at him in awe as he left her room and tried to fall asleep.
Ultimately, these three people left such a lasting impression that she could not imagine what her life would have been like without any of these individuals. Each with their own set of qualities and characteristics made them who they were and how they handled being apart of her journey, voluntarily or not. Every situation, both the good and bad ones, were a specific memory to Fariha. And every little moment with her three people are ones she will always remember and hope to create more of in the times to come.

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