Good Teaching Is A Good Teacher Essay

Good Teaching Is A Good Teacher Essay

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"Good teaching cannot be reduced to technique; good teaching comes from the identity and integrity of the teacher." (Palmer, 2007, 10) From this quote, I understand that just because you have the tools and technique to be a teacher, doesn 't make you a good teacher. You need to have the passion and drive to teach in order to be a good teacher. In my experience, the good teachers were the ones that integrated themselves into the lesson. You saw and understood that they loved what they did and were comfortable with who they were and how they were teaching. This quote reminds me of Palmer 's story of the two teachers that were the same growing up, but adopted two different teaching styles. Alan taught from his undivided self while Eric was divided. Because of these different identities, Alan is seen as the superior teacher (Palmer, 1998). This isn 't to say that you will automatically walk into your classroom and have your identity. This, to me, is something that will take time and work to create my teaching self. I do not believe Alan walked in on the first day of school being the best version of himself as a teacher. I think it will take time.
"My fear of teaching at the dangerous intersection of the personal and public may not be cowardice but confirmation that I am taking the risks that good teaching requires." (Palmer, 2007, p. 39). As a teacher you 're going to have to face some fears and take some risks but that goes along with becoming a good teacher. An example that I think of is being nervous before teaching a new lesson. This is completely normal, but something needed to be overcome in order to grow and be a good teacher. I also relate this quote to further down the line after I 've been teaching a few years and am comf...

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... then not only learning about the resolutions, but that they too have capabilities to affect the country and government. Before this semester, I would have never thought to do something like this, but now it is something I could not see myself not using.
I believe these both relate back to the beginning quotes in how my teaching self will change over the years and I 'll have to take risks but it is part of the teaching process. It is not something that I 'm going to walk into the classroom on the first day of school, have it, then keep with it for the rest of my teaching years. It 's going to change along with my beliefs on what a good teacher is. I am going to go to professional development and maybe find out my methods are out dated and need to change. I 'm going to get scared of dealing with new approaches, but it comes with adapting and becoming a good teacher.

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