The Good Side Of Humor Essay

The Good Side Of Humor Essay

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David Smith
English 211
Craig Sanders
03 December 2014
The Good Side to Humor
“Why can’t you play Uno with a Mexican? Because they steal all the green cards” (Kickass Humor). Most people would find this joke funny, even a few Mexicans would find this funny. However, there will be some people that would take offense from this joke. Then again, it seems as though no matter what the case is there will always be critics. In some cases humor can be looked at as bad or a waste of time but there is a good side to humor. Some people just don’t have a good sense of humor, if that’s the case then humor could potentially be used as defense. It can be used to create or enhance friendships or relationships. It can also be used to help through conflict or disagreements and lighten up the mood of bad situations between people whether they are at home or at work. Medical staff and law enforcement go through a lot of stress and experience harsh things where humor would help a lot by relieving that stress. Humor is a common interest in nature so it can attract more listeners to give important information that otherwise would not be received. A message is often times received by humor, it can either be a small message or a big message, in the previous joke the message would be that there really is a problem with immigration. Another benefit from humor is the knowledge gained in educational purposes.
The main purpose of humor is to make somebody laugh. Often times a joke is said in a playful manner. If I said, “Hey Bob, your breath smells like shit,” then we’ll laugh about it. I wasn’t trying to be mean to Bob or anything, I was just being honest in a jokingly way. With a good sense of humor, Bob knew I was joking and showed positive feedback by la...

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...e received due to the boringness of news. Keep in mind that humor is a hard to explain and there are still a lot to learn about it.

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