Good Order at Sea in the Asia-Pacific Region Essay

Good Order at Sea in the Asia-Pacific Region Essay

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The sea since long ago has been a precious sources to human kind for living and as a highway for commerce and war as well as a provider of food and other resources, supremacy of the sea was confined mainly to maritime powers as their national security policy, the concept of security has expanded from mainly military to the dimensions of political security, economic security, societal security and environmental security Now the sea is not for gaining supremacy but focusing in global trade, international shipping and maintaining the maritime security as the result of globalization . There are five features of sea importance grouped by Till those are, resource, transportation and trade, information exchange, area of dominion and as an environment . In regard to sea strategic position, human exploration and exploitation significantly increasing correspondingly with modern security threats such as, territorial disputes, Transnational Maritime Crime, Harm to the Maritime Environment, Terrorism and Insurgency including the classic crimes; piracy and cargo theft , the threats to sea environment in long-term would cause global system systematically defective . Therefore, Good order at sea ensures the safety and security of shipping and countries pursue their maritime interests and develop their marine, resources peaceful manner in accordance with international of law. This essay will try to elucidate the concept of good order at sea, then analyse the concept’s achievement in the Asia-Pacific region.
Good Order at sea
Good order at sea is a imperative model in international maritime security concept. It has been transforming into a new concept of maintaining sea from mainly states hegemony to multilateral cooperation amon...

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