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Good Omens by Neil Gaiman Essay

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The novel Good Omens is a satirical rendition of Armageddon in almost all aspects. The story begins with the coming of the Antichrist, brought into the world as a human infant though it is anything but. An angel and a demon, Aziraphale and Crowley respectively, and rather good friends considering their rather checkered past, have teamed up to ensure that The End is, in the very least, late. They take roles in molding the child to see both the sides of good and evil, trying to make it so that the boy will not be able to choose a side wholeheartedly when the time comes. However, when the boy is supposedly meant to start showing his powers, they realize that all their hard work had been wasted, and that this boy was an entirely normal human child. The genuine son of Satan was, in actuality, Adam Young, and was misplaced at birth into the care of two very normal parents in a very normal little hamlet in South East England. Adam grows up “not [as an] Evil Incarnate or Good Incarnate… [but] a human incarnate” (366). He is as human and innocent as an eleven year old can be; still finding himself and his three best friends provoking terror and irritation amongst their more elderly or respectable neighbours, though that is more excused as a preadolescent quirk rather than wicked. Wicked happens to be what Newton Pulsifer, a relatively newly dubbed Witchfinder Detective of Witchfinder Sargent Shadwell’s Witchfinder army, is looking for. He is given the task to search through newspapers and anything of the sort to find evidence of anything remotely witchy, which happens to be precisely what Anathema Device, actual self-proclaimed witch and descendant of the most accurate and useless psychic in history, can be found doing. Admittedly, she is ...

... middle of paper ... their leaves once a week, and every few months he would threaten them with the death of one of their brethren, leaving the empty pot somewhere obvious around the flat. His treatment of the plants reflect upon how he really uses his apartment as a place where he is in charge rather than his superiors in Hell. The entirety of his flat is actually rather useless otherwise, considering his stereo system has no speakers and his computer has the intelligence of a “retarded ant” (247). Both he and Aziraphale have taken on aspects of humanity that they believe are necessary, though are in fact completely useless to them.

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