The Good Life By Father Richard M. Essay

The Good Life By Father Richard M. Essay

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The Good Life by Father Richard M. Gula emphasizes the importance of the moral vision of the “good life” with our Lord and Savior by our side. Throughout the book, Gula raises important themes that are crucial in understanding how to well a life well spent with God in it. He begins by introducing the Lord by giving examples of his image or imago dei and love. Next, Gula introduces the idea of the covenant. The covenant is a set of rules and agreements between our savior and us. He uses the covenant as one of the key elements by living a fulfilled life. We must understand boundaries and listen and obey the rules and practices that God placed on front of us. Then he introduces the Son of God, Jesus, and how he is portrayed. Jesus is just like God; he will always love you. Another important thing about Jesus is that he appealed to the people so much because he was a human being. He did things for others and wanted to preach the teachings of his father. Finally, Gula ties in the odds and ends of the book by concluding with the reign of God. “When we put God at the center, all other authorities in our lives will be seen in their proper relation to God” (Gula 97). Each of these themes is important in understanding how we can closer to a Christian approach to morality, but two themes that intertwines together is God’s love and his image.
In the books introduction, Gula presents one of his key arguments about how Gods love can make a complete life. Being loved makes the moral life possible. “For the moral life is really about living out of the abundance of being loved in ways that make life richer for everyone” (Gula 1). The good life encompasses finding our own love and self-esteem to share with others as God has done to us. God reache...

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...r strengths to help others. God gave all of us a different and unique talent or gift and we should place that gift on others as God has done to us. When we showcase our gifts and talents, we should be grateful and show humility. We should not gloat our talents, but instead help others in order to gain a better understanding of others and the world around us. As Gula says “Gratitude is the virtue that gladly recognizes everything we have received as gifts to be shared, not possessions to be hoarded. Gratitude remembers, too, that God is the giver of these gifts” (Gula 30). My view on this is that gratitude and humility are one of the core values on living the good life because we can use these talents to gain understanding of our own self and others around us. Like God, we can use our gifts to also gain companionship, which God believes to be in reaching a good life.

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