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The Good Life Adventure Essay

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So here, we were on our next adventure. A man, a woman, a teenage girl, two dogs, a caravan and a trailer; setting up home in the woods. Twenty acres of undulating woodland, made up of hard and soft wood trees, which was unfenced and with no immediate neighbours other than the incumbent wildlife. This was our little piece of rural paradise hidden from everyone, a blank canvas to create whatever we wanted.

Living the ‘good life,’ from our perspective, and on a practical level, meant aiming to live a simpler existence. In order to fulfil another of our bucket list items, we wanted to pursue a version of ‘The Good Life,’ inspired by the 1970’s UK sit-com, of the same name.

‘The Good Life,’ for those unfamiliar with its television origins, focused on a suburban couple, Tom and Barbara Good, played by Felicity Kendall and Richard Briers. They opted out of traditional suburban life, when Tom reached his fortieth birthday, and decided to quit his conformist office job, as a draughtsman. They embarked on a mission to achieve a simple, yet self-sustainable lifestyle, whilst still living in the suburbs. To achieve this they changed their conventional gardens into allotments, growing fruit and vegetables for them to eat and with which to barter. In addition they acquired livestock, including chickens, pigs, and a goat, much to their neighbour’s disgust.

Over the years in the UK, in the various places that we had lived, we had dabbled with growing vegetables and keeping chickens, whilst managing a large family, and working full time. However, we had never really considered it in the context of being, in some small way, self-sufficient; it was more of a hobby. This time, we were in pursuit of a healthier and more self-sufficient lifestyle...

... middle of paper ... in December, for the wedding, he went on to obtain his security license in the UK.

After a couple of months, we started to encounter issues with the rental of our house in Ipswich. We decided that we would not pursue that any further, and that having made a lovely family home, we had the perfect opportunity of having two properties, which we could live between. This would give us the best of worlds, city and country living. We decided that working out the logistics of that arrangement could wait, until we got back from the UK in January, after Samantha’s wedding.

We remained positive that our Australian adventure in Queensland, would continue and we were excited to establish our new five-year plan, in consultation with the children, during our visit to the UK when all the children, would at last, be together with us in the same place, at the same time.

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