Essay about Good Health: Is It Simply About Eating the Right Things?

Essay about Good Health: Is It Simply About Eating the Right Things?

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There are so many different definition of health making it complicated to have a precise definition for health. It is best described as being able to function physically, mentally and spiritually. Absolute health refers to being whole and requires more than what a person experiences inside and outside of the body. According to Blaxter ‘health can be defined as finding the right balance between supernatural beings, the environment and processes within the body’ (pg.8, 2004). It is also being able accomplish holistically without being restricted in any way.
A good complete physical health is often interpreted as taking in a good source of nutrient DRI, 5-a-day and regular exercising but this is far from it as other factors can contribute to it. Some of these are psychological and biological factors, societal influence, lifestyle, race, gender etc. Nutrition is about eating the right things, in this context would be defined as the total processed intake of constituents by which growth, repair and preservation of the body to stay alive. The Government’s campaign for healthy eating does not necessarily guarantee healthy lifestyle when practised.
To further explain the definition of health and its involvement of a healthy life, theories have been brought out to elaborate more on the topic.
Health in Lay Man theory involves learning about risks from experience and media, it can also about discovering what works for the individual (trial and error), e.g. discovering that the consequences for catching a cold is going out without a jacket when cold outside.
Another theory that is the ideology which is the modern day health that can be observed as a fashion therefore if the latest gadget is acquired then the individual believes to be...

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