The Good Earth By Pearl S. Buck : Women 's Social Status Essay

The Good Earth By Pearl S. Buck : Women 's Social Status Essay

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Women 's Social Status in Chinese Society
One major aspect of the novel The Good Earth, by Pearl S. Buck, is how women are portrayed in China 's society. The novel shows different women through different perspectives, and eventually transforms the role of women in China. Women are shown in different social classes, but each woman 's role in society is based on her social status. Women are used for the work they accomplish, or just to be toyed around, doing whatever men want to do with them. In the novel, a fellow refugee talks about strangling a baby girl at birth or selling her as a slave for money. The main characters in the novel, both Wang Lung, and O-Lan deal with this situation. Women 's role in the Chinese society makes them tools and sexual objects for men.
Wang Lung 's relationship with O-Lan is very dysfunctional. He does not seem to have success with her. Wang Lung is a poor peasant farmer whose life is mainly centered on Earth. Living with his old father, Wang Lung struggles to work hard on the field and earn money to feed his father. Wang Lung is getting married to a servant from the rich family of House of Hwang, her name is O-Lan. Now being married, he leaves all his responsibility to O-Lan. Wang Lung views women as lesser than men. "Wang Lung views women in inferior terms. He feels that they are not worth thinking of or mentioning" (Jan 34). In this quote, it clearly demonstrates that Wang Lung 's perspective of women is mediocre. He believes that women are to be controlled and toyed with because women are not of importance in society. Wang Lung treats O-Lan like more of a servant than a lifelong partner. As a woman in society, O-Lan works hard every day in the house and on the field, harvesting and then returning...

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... were only considered to be housewife or tools. This can be related to the novel because O-Lan herself has no rights, to Wang Lung she is just a housewife and servant taking over his responsibilities that he once had. Overall women now have earned their rights to be respected and considered to be persons.
As a low-class status, women are considered to be sexual objects or tools in Chinese society. The novel is based on women status in the 1900s, and it shows what Wang Lung 's perspective on women is after his marriage with O-Lan. In the novel, women have their independent roles in society based on their social status. The critical opprobrium of women is a major aspect of the Chinese society. In the Chinese society, women were seen as tools and sexual objects for men and were believed to be less superior than men. Will women ever be considered equally superior as men?

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