Essay about The Good Divorce

Essay about The Good Divorce

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January 1st I packed myself my 2 year old daughter and most of our belongings into a new home. I never would have guessed that in approximately two and a half years I would have been getting a divorce from the person who I had been so in love with just a few years earlier. Someone who I had built a home with, someone who I had spent the last 7 years of my life with had a child and raised a step child as my own with.
It was one of the most difficult times in my life, but I felt a sense of relief, hope, and optimism. The relationship had never been a healthy one but I was too immature to see it, I had also been brought up to believe that no matter what the problem you stay and try to figure it out. After bringing a child into the situation and growing up a bit myself, all the events leading up to my separation, I can without a doubt say divorce would not cause more problems than it would fix. Thanks to the no fault divorce process a lot of additional arguments were avoided and its not because it was an available option that I chose to become divorced. The life of myself and my daughter has greatly improved and we both have a chance at a happy healthy life. My daughter is doing well in school and she is a well behaved, happy child. With this being said should there should not be reforms made to revert back to “at fault” divorce and it is not true that divorce only negatively impacts and shapes the children involved.
Two famous and widely known psychologists Constance Ahrons, PhD and Judith Wallerstein, PhD. Judith Wallerstein created a 25-year study on the effects of divorce on the children involved. She was a senior lecturer at the school social worker for the Welfare University of California Berkeley from the years 1966 to...

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...e best possible alternatives to an ending marriage.

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