Good Bye For All That By Robert Graves Essay

Good Bye For All That By Robert Graves Essay

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Robert Graves author of Good-Bye to All That, wrote about his life, particularly his time fighting in World War One. In his narrative one can see the experiences of the war and the influence that it had on him. He bore witness to and was victim to the advancements in military technology, like gas, machine guns, and tanks. He would write about his experiences in his trenches, as well as the cultural and social aspects that he saw in the military units and the areas he visited. However when comparing his narrative to the works of Jeremy Black, author of Warfare in the Western World 1882-1975 one can see the changes in warfare brought on by World War One.
One of the more interesting descriptions that Graves provides about his experiences of war was the structure of the units. Graves was just out of secondary school and soon became a leader in his own unit. He related that some of the men that he was in charge of were veterans of other wars and battles the British Army was involved in around the world. This not only provides readers with information about the initial structure of some or many of the units in the war, but also shows that the British unlike its enemies were more recently trained in combat. Jeremy Black, discusses that the Germans had little to no “combat experience since 1871” and the British and United Statesian armies were focused on fighting in small units. Graves hated pretending to know more than the seasoned veterans who knew more about combat but both Graves, a young man just out of secondary school and the veterans would face a completely different war. Black stated that the British army along with the United Statesian army would have disadvantages because “their commanders lacked relevant operational exper...

... middle of paper ... life, Graves connects his own personal thoughts and feelings to the events that occurred around him providing readers a clear image of what it was like to fight in World War One. Not only were the men subjected to firing of new and advanced weaponry, they were also subjected to trench warfare. The men would be trapped inside the trenches subjected to illness and extreme weather conditions and in some cases with no relief. According to Graves the men needed to keep a positive moral during this time or else they could become subject to the depression that encompassed the trench. However, after the Great War ended many felt as if it was time to heal and move forward from the events. Graves himself continued his education and his writing as he traveled through Europe and Africa. Many did not expect the events that would occur a little more than twenty years later.

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