The Good and Bad of Shopping in Today's World Essay

The Good and Bad of Shopping in Today's World Essay

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The Good and Bad of Shopping in Today’s World

Have you ever wondered why we shop the way we do? Since the invention of online shopping, thousands have opted to shop at online retailers, while many still choose the traditional route, the brick and mortar store. What is it that drives us to the internet sites or brick and mortar retailers? Is it the sales, the store hour availability, or the need of social interaction? Although both methods of shopping have striking similarities, they also have significant differences that appeal to and attract consumers.
Brick and mortar and internet shopping seemingly mirror each other. Two features that online and B&M share the types of merchandise for sale, and entities that one can trust who have well established reputations. Online shops offer a multitude of merchandise. for instance has over 3.6 million items to choose from. Sometimes the pages of merchandise can seem endless. Within a physical retail store; the isles and racks of goods can supersede what the eye can see. Many of the giant retailers have different floors of merchandise. Macy’s flag ship store in NYC has 10 floors, including the basement. One can quickly become overwhelmed at the variety and choices offered by both. Online and B&M stores are operated by names that we have come to trust and can easily identify; Walmart is one that comes to mind. Even some smaller entities such as TJ Maxx have a retail store and an online division. While these are great similarities there are some major differences between each modality.
One of the differences between online and B&M shopping is their hours of availability. Online stores are open 24 hours a day. A person who wants to make a shoe purchase at three a.m. can do so. Th...

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...lfills our desire to mingle amongst others. The people around you acknowledge your presence, with a nod of the head, or an associate inquiring as to whether you need assistance. As a whole this meets our societal needs.
Coupon codes and sales are wallet friendly, and every bargain hunters dream, unless one feels sifting through circulars are more appealing. Limited operational availability can be frustrating when one forgot that ever important last minute Christmas gift, which in turn can ordered at midnight and arrives the very next day causing smiles appear instead of tears. The contact we crave with others is fulfilled by outings to stores, unless one desires the company of self. Whether it is the sales, availability, or socialization that drives us to shop online or in a traditional brick store, personal preference is the ultimate reason for in which we shop.

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