Gong Studio And Kennedy Gallery Essay

Gong Studio And Kennedy Gallery Essay

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It was noon when I went attended the 2nd Saturday Art Walk in downtown Sacramento. I went with another classmate and two other friends who wanted to tag along and take in the arts. When we arrived the farmers who was hosting the farmers market were packing away their booths and loading them into trucks. We were walking around the roads looking for art galleries, per what the assignment wanted. We came across two art studios that were opened, Gong studio and Kennedy Gallery. The Gong studio had big display window where the first thing you would see is a sketch of a ball of fur. Inside was a walkway that consisted of three rooms total, counting the entrance. As for Kennedy Gallery, its seems more like a home rather than a professional workplace, a two story house with a basement. One of the artist was sitting on a couch greeting potential customers, and encouraging people to stay and wait for paintings done by pets to arrive.
I choose this event to attend because it was the earliest one I can attend, also being from Sacramento I wanted to see the artwork of local Sacramento artists. I didn’t know anything about this exhibit beforehand I only knew that there was such an event because the professor discussed this in class. I have never been really into art since my parents has never really place any emphasis into the arts, therefore I don’t really think too highly of the arts.
I went into this event knowing that it was an assignment, so I treated it as an assignment. I went into the studio and gallery with the goal of completing the assignment and I did, simple as that. I didn’t feel joy, sadness, or grief before I entered the gallery to start my assignment. There was no noise aside from the creaking noise from the weight of four peo...

... middle of paper ...

...one without a pack in a snowstorm, wouldn’t it perish from not having the support of other wolves. Would a piece of a whole be able to survive in a place where all the pieces had always been together in order to survive?
Overall, this was a good assignment I kept an open mind and didn’t bump into any barriers. By putting myself in the artwork I was able to feel peace, joy, and loneliness. In the future if I were to attend another art gallery I will keep an open mind to the artwork. I think that by critically thinking of the artwork, you let in feelings that you wouldn’t usually pick up on. This assignment had a positive influence on my view of the art. Before I thought that it was just a bunch of people drawing what they thought were pretty or splashing paint on a white canvas, but after this experience with the artworks there is a little bit more to it than that.

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