Gone Were the Days of the Thesis

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Before this class, my writing process was simple. I oft chose to completely bypass the process of prewriting and drafting. Instead, I delved into the writing assignment head first. Doing so rarely allowed me time to organize my ideas and truly come up with the best finished product I could possibly muster. However, this class has allowed me to explore new techniques which helped to further develop my skills as a writer. This was mainly due to the freedom allotted in finishing an essay versus the traditional high school writing process that seemed to be both suffocating and limiting. However, this class allowed me to explore myself and my abilities as a writer. Instead, I was able to focus on creating a piece of writing while reconstructing my drafting process, creating a target audience, and even addressing my issues with the writing in the writing itself. The exhibits included in my portfolio that you will soon read truly exhibit my growth as a writer throughout this class alone. This was partly due to the freedom allotted in the actual drafting period. Gone were the days of the the...
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