Gone Fishing Trip On The Beach Essay

Gone Fishing Trip On The Beach Essay

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Gone Fishing
Every year me and my Family would go to Florida for vacation, it is the best the whole family would make it a point to go and spend time with everyone. My Uncle had a condo down in Indian Rocks and that is where we would all stay, it didn’t matter if some of us had to sleep on the floor. We always make sure to go to the best places around such as Crabby Bills, which is a really good seafood restaurant. John’s Past, which is a strip mall with all of these little stores with anything and everything you could ever need for the beach. The best thing about going on this trip wasn’t the food or the shopping, but my favorite was the first time I went on the early morning fishing trip with all the guys.
When I was down in Florida the first fishing trips was the best. It didn’t matter what else we had done this is what I would looked forward to the whole trip. Getting up at 4 in the morning, eating breakfast down at the Light House Café then meeting at the docks to go out on the boat. When I would get to the dock I would have to put all the gear together and load up the coolers with ice and food. By the time I got all of this done it was 6 o’clock. I was worn out already but we still had to travel out about 2 miles, the water spraying my face as the boat hit waves and the big orange sun rising. I couldn’t wait to get a line in the water and catch my first fish of the trip. Once we got to the destination (which took about an hour and a half), the captain had us catch our bait. I put little pieces of shrimp on the hook and just dropped them off the side hoping to catch baitfish. After a little while of catching these bait fish the captain pulled the anchor up and we moved to a different spot.
Now I am excited. Thi...

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...n it. I grabbed the second fishing pole and this fish hit the pole harder than anything I have ever felt. I started reeling and it took about twenty minutes to get this fish in and when I finally did I was amazed at what I had caught. A 3 foot barracuda, I thought the Spanish mackerel put up a fight at first but it didn’t compare to anything that this barracuda did. I ended up catching 2 more barracuda and that was about it.
After the long hour and a half trip back to the dock the captain took what we caught and skinned so we could grille it out. As he was skinning it I could hear the sea gulls floating in the water right under the table just waiting for any little scrap to fall so they could get a quick easy meal. Deep sea fishing has to be one of those things I will never forget and hope to do again in the future or even buy a boat of my own and do it myself.

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