Golden State Warriors And The Comeback For Cleveland Cavaliers Essays

Golden State Warriors And The Comeback For Cleveland Cavaliers Essays

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“Golden State Warriors and the Comeback for Cleveland Cavaliers”
Most people in todays’ society know how competitive the NBA can be. The NBA has been around for years and years and is now beginning to be more competitive than in previous years. So many teams have so much talent that some know how to use perfectly and some use it to a minimum. The NBA has different positions like Point Guard, Shooting Guard, Small Forward, Power Forward and Center. These positions require specific training and skills to know how to do. Some people have the talent for one position while some people can have the talent for all positions. The Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers are the two most competitive teams there is in the league compared to the last two seasons. Golden State and Cleveland Cavaliers both have been to the “Finals” two years in a row. In the 2014-2015 season, Golden State won the championship and in the 2015-2016 season Cleveland won the Championship. With both victories, it makes the season interesting and causes it to be a rivalry every game they play against each other. Without a doubt, Golden State will pull it off again this season making the cavaliers have a long bumpy road to travel. The reason I used the word comeback was because Golden State and Cleveland Cavaliers are Rivals who are both competing to meet again in the finals. The “Warriors” will most definitely be on a rampage trying to defeat them in every game this year. Every team has their reasons on who their rivals are but these two teams have met twice and needs to make a tiebreaker. Golden State has the power and will do anything in their power to beat Cleveland. Last year Finals game was upsetting moment for the fans however, Golden State knows that i...

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...m than the Cavaliers. Golden State’s top five exceeds the top five of Cleveland because they work better together and run the game better than Cleveland. Golden State’s team depend on each other as a family where as in Cleveland they only depend on one player. The Warriors statistics are far better than the Cavaliers because they have a higher shooting percentage than they do and if any team can shoot better than the other that makes it obvious that they are a better team than the other. Even with the key players on each of the teams they still exceed the Cavs because to their one key player Golden State has a minimum of three. However; everyone on the team can be a key player but is that possible for the Cavs? The Cavaliers will have a tough season running against the Warriors without a doubt because the Warriors are coming with force and are coming for revenge!

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