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In the steely heart of a sailor lay an untouched, unspoken dream. His oppressed muscles worked on deck, his agonized mind worked at sea, his soul never moved enough for him to feel a purpose in life. A purpose in life? Why, he had never thought of such thing! The very idea seemed alien, foreign; for how could he, an overworked sailor, a phlegmatic man, an ostracized human being, have such a thing?
The sailor wiped off a bead of sweat, listening to the roars of the men around him, unaffected by the laughter that penetrated the air. One of the men drank until his cheeks turned a bright scarlet, another wound pleasant tales of treasure and power into the otherwise desolate men, and, yet another, roused up the crowd with humorous jokes, sending hollers of laughter through the men.
Disgusted by the plagued atmosphere of happiness, the sailor stormed off of the deck; creeping into the only place he could call his. A few crates lined his patch rhythmically, one always surrounded by another. It felt as a prison cell should feel: dank, mysterious, foreboding, but carrying a sense of tranquility. And even though he had never been jailed, he felt caged- more than the stars above, free but never allowed to fly. This, he thought, could be considered nothing less than his home, a place no other man could destroy or take away.
He witnessed the sun’s beam slither across the dusty wood floor, being sucked into the portholes as the day drew to a close. Silence seemed to rock the waves, the ship, begging it to sleep and to take the rest of the night into peace.
And so, the night bathed the waves and the ship on it, the ship and the people on it, the people and their minds. But the sailor lay in the night, unaffected. Perhaps he could take ...

... middle of paper ... his leg as the anchor’s weight took its toll. He wanted to go back! He wanted to feel that wind!
“John?! John!” he heard William scream. And as his body plunged into the icy water, the last thing he saw was that merciful William, diving after him.
He awoke in a bed, one that only the captain was allowed to sleep on. And like the day he read poetry, there sitting around him were all the other sailors, saying things like “We didn’t know you were that lonely, you should have said something!” or “What have we done?!”
But the sailor knew his choice was the right one, and that even if he did die, he would not have regretted it. He would not have regretted the one thing that set his dream apart from the others. He would not have let that dream slip away from his fingers, like a grain of the golden sand.

Works Cited
Edgar Allen Poe's "A Dream within a Dream"

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