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The Golden Age For Hollywood Essay

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The 1930’s to 1950’s was called the Golden Age for Hollywood. The curvier look was back and clothing was form fitting again. People were all about curves and achieving the perfect hourglass figure with a slim waist, large breasts, and hips. Bodices, belts, and of the shoulder blouses emphasized the body’s curves and gave the appearance of a slimmer waist. Shoulder pads and wide lapels are were always worn by women and gave the illusion of more curves. Madeleine Vionnet, a designer from Paris, created the bias cut where clothing was cut diagonally and clung to a woman’s curves which women preferred to wear over the traditionally cut dresses.
In the 1940’s, World War II had a major effect on women’s fashion. Resources had to be limited so dresses and skirts were made at the knee length and some women even began to wear pants to work. There was a need for more practical clothing and the woman’s suits were created and worn in a “uniform” type manner. This was also the decade that Christian Dior came out with a new collection that was referred to as the “New Look”. It was a simple suit piece, with small lapels, a narrow waist that drew attention to the hips, and no shoulder pads. This look gained wide popularity quickly and was soon being made by seamstresses everywhere. Paris fashion designers held a great deal of influence in America in the 1950’s as well. Dior came out with new styles that quickly became popular along with other designers such as Pierre Balmain, Hubert de Givenchy, and Cristobel Balenciaga. The famous A-line of 1955 was featured in Dior’s spring collection and consisted of a jacket worn over a dress with a full skirt and had a figure of an “A” shape. Women also started wearing bolder accessories and shoe designs ch...

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...ggings into their collection recently. They have definitely been a hit of the past decades and will post likely continue to be seen being worn by many.
Mathematics is found in almost every aspect of society and fashion is no exception. Fashion is defined by a constant change of expressing the way we wish to look and this is affected by many things including social, cultural, commercial, religious, and political changes in society as well as the influence from fashion designers. The designers are to a degree the ones who choose what look and style they want to present and then the people decide whether or not they want to bring it in style. However, if one wants to bring a certain look into style they must consider mathematical concepts such as curves, surfaces, clothing assemblages, form, movement, shapes, and practicality if they wish their trend to be a success.

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