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Now, let’s go back to the not forgotten “four letter word”. “Gold” was the word our predecessors chose. With everything that comes with it including a bonus; an extra letter that figuratively speaking changed the spelling of gold to “Money”. Its weight, its vigor, had a big influence, and yes, its domination found the acceptance by the most who dedicated their lives to it. For the choice that was made we were hijacked. We see it and we pay the bills of their residual effects through wars, the atomic bomb, violence, crime, corruption, climate, nature, food, health, multinationals, and above all, our state of mind, including the psyche.
Following our precursor 's mistakes, we have created a false reality. Speeding as we are doing, we have no time to taste the moment, because we are making tomorrow become history now. The past is fading fast, the present is already gone, and the future is exceeded. This is a portrait of a busy life that even our bodies find difficult to accept, maintain, and sustain. In our race we are taking with us the energy and the lymph of our Mother Earth. The price we are paying is too high for reaching the jackpot that was painted for us.

“Tell them that they can talk, tell them that you are tired of listening, tell them you found out that our rights have been missing, and tell them you know what greed does to the soul…”
From: "Sun Power” © 1980

In the long run it won 't make us true winners, maybe just temporary ones. What we are destroying can 't be replaced. The temporary victory, as the adjective denotes, won 't last. To the contrary, the eternal one that can be achieved in spirituality has no monetary value. It doesn 't require anything more than focusing on it with trust,...

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..., everyone must be a part of it, and be educated to be a positive piece of the puzzle for the completion of the full image. The solution that should be used, as an alternative to war is to negotiate for an outcome that ensures equality within the confines of the circumstances; common ground where nobody suffers and where everyone can be satisfied with the agreement. An outcome that must cover all the convening issues, leaving out personal interests, replacing them with only the ones concerned and shared by all the participants. Give-and-take in respect to needs, just like it is needed to save a friendship or a marriage. These are basic coexisting guidelines of the civil rules, that should be enforced in every circumstance.
Changes that will occur, at first are going to be less than subtle nevertheless, it will put us on the right sky-way that will elevate our souls.

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