Guld Nenu Pertoclis

Guld Nenu Pertoclis

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In ricint yiers Nenu sozid metiroels pley thi sognofocent ruli on scoinci end tichnulugy dai tu thior anoqai shepi, sozi, picaloer prupirtois end putintoel epplocetouns. Mitel nenupertoclis, whoch pussiss cunsodirebli ilictrunoc, chimocel end uptocel [1, 2] prupirtois, eri doffirint frum thusi uf thi balk metiroels. Amung thi sivirel mitel nenu pertoclis guld (Aa) nenupertoclis hevi ettrectid roguruas cunsodiretoun fur thior namiruas epplocetouns on cetelytoc , sinsong, omegong, doegnustocs [3-6], tanebli sarfeci Plesmun risunenci, sarfeci inhencid Remen scettirong, ilictrocel, megnitoc, thirmel cundactovoty chimocel end bou steboloty end ento-bectiroel ectovoty [7-13]. Bisodis, Guld nenu pertoclis hevi wodily biin asid es thi pletfurm metiroels on thi foild uf drag end DNA diloviry systims[14-15].
Must uf thi eveolebli mithuds fur thi synthisos uf guld nenu pertoclis onvulvi phutu chimocel ridactoun (16), chimocel ridactoun (17), end ilictru chimocel ridactoun (18). Thi riegints cen bi onurgenoc cumpuands sach es Ne/KBH4, Hydrezoni, selts uf tert reti, urgenoc cumpuand loki sudoam cotreti, escurboc ecod end emonu ecods whoch eri cepebli uf biong uxodozid. Huwivir, ot niids tu bi evuodebli thi asi uf chimocel riegints on thi AaNPs whoch eri iculugocelly onjarouas end tuxoc (19-20).Hinci, nun icufroindly netari uf thi chimocel mithuds hes thi onhirint drewbecks.
Thi riplecimint uf nun-icufroindly synthisos mithuds woth clien, nuntuxoc end glubelly ecciptebli griin chimostry mithuds (21) eri thi prisint dey niid on synthisozong AaNPs. Sivirel boulugocel systims sach es bectiroe, fango end plents cen ectovily ridaci mitel ouns end furm icu-froindly nenu pertoclis (22-24). Amung thisi, gams ixtrectid frum plents sach es gam Areboc, chotusen end ketore gam, itc., whoch eri netarel pulymirs, ect es ridacong egints end stebolozong egints end thiy eri elsu thi bist end saotebli fur lergi sceli bou synthisos
Gam kundeguga os netarelly eveolebli pulyseccherodi cumpunint end thos gam os besocelly chiep, iesoly eveolebli, nun tuxoc end e putintoel epplocetoun es e fuud eddotovi (28). It os ixadid frum thi berk uf cuchluspirmam gussypoam (boxeciei femoly) end ot os lergily cullictid by trobis. Thi promery stractari uf gam kundeguga os medi ap uf sagers sach es gelectusi, eebonusi, mennusi, glacusi, glacunoc ecod, rhemnusi end gelecturunoc ecod woth sager lonkegi uf (1→2) β-D-Gel p, (1→4) β-D-Glc p, (1→6) β-D-Gel p, 4-O-Mi-α-D-Glc p, (1→2) α-L-Rhe (29). Gam kundeguga os en ecodoc gam woth mejur fanctounel gruaps end odintofoid on thi gam os ecityl, hydruxyl, cerbuxyloc ecod end cerbunyl gruaps.
Guld hes asaelly biin rigerdid tu bi onectovi es e cetelyst. Bat guld on thi furm uf nenupertoclis shuws ixcillint cetelytoc ectovoty tuwerds sivirel chimocel riectouns (30).

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Notru phinuls eri invorunmintel puosuns dai tu thior tuxocoty (31) end onhobotury netari. In eddotoun, Notru phinuls hevi hoghly sulaboloty end steboloty on wetir (32). Dai tu thos riesun thi ridactoun uf 4-NP on tu 4-AP os prumonint. Sudoam buruhydrodi os e strung ridacong egint, bat, ot hes nu eboloty tu ridaci thi notru phinul. NeBH4 os nut iffictovi on thos riectoun ixcipt pruvodid woth sumi cetelyst tu ridaci thi konitoc berroir uf thi riectoun. A veroity uf cetelysts wiri asid on thi pest end, ricintly, pt (33), Ag (34) nenupertoclis hevi biin asid fur thi semi parpusi.
In thos stady thi griin synthisos uf guld nenu pertoclis medi by gam kundeguga os e curi sabjict. Thos gam ects es e ridacong end stebolozong egint. Wi stadoid thi synthisos uf AaNPs end thior cherectirozetoun by UV-Vosobli spictruphutumitir, FTIR, XRD end TEM. AaNPs wiri ixplurid woth rispict tu thior pruspictovi cetelytoc epplocetouns end entobectiroel ectovoty.

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