The Gold Coast after Gaining Independence from Colonialism Essay

The Gold Coast after Gaining Independence from Colonialism Essay

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In 1957, Ghana gained independence from Britain. Ghanaian kingdoms varied religiously, ethnically, and culturally. Because of this, Ghana, which the regions of Togo and the Ivory Coast presently surround, has been plagued with the effects of too much ethnic diversity.The developing movements for political expansion of early established kingdoms created the foundation for the later independence movements. Pre- independent Ghana a.k.a The Gold Coast, consisted of an imperial authority and colonial powers , Portuguese, Dutch, Prussia, and Britain, who oppressed the natives, exploited them for slave labor and manipulated their economic wealth for their natural resources. Chiefs in the 17th century developed the concept of growing and spurring kingdoms to spread their culture and language in effort to create a larger population with one identity. Nationalism in The Gold Coast did not evolve until the late 1700’s because of overly proud ethnic groups who hindered the unions necessary to nationalise.The growth of nationalism can be depicteded through the “J-Brown Paradigm of National Development” and the last stage of the “5 Stages of Revolution,” the Thermidorian reaction. The expansion of the African tribes, in an effort to rein over other ethnic groups, and their goal of unification to end their oppression due to their status as a crown colony all led to their independence.
The Gold Coast’s Identifiable People Group around the nineteenth century and onward was difficult to encompass because the region contains a vast array of deeply divided cultural, ethnic, language, and religious groups. The Akan, the Ga, the Ga- Adangbe, and the Ewe are the major ethnic groups, classified under the Niger- Congo family group. Each group can be fu...

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...ture, sanitation, and medicine (Scott).

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