Essay about Going to the White Rabbit

Essay about Going to the White Rabbit

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The White Rabbit
As I sit outside The White Rabbit and scan the crowd of concertgoers gathering along a wall adorned with a painting of Iggy Pop, my eyes fixate on a loner standing up against a wall. He is a young man with dark, shaggy hair that falls slightly over his eyes and is wearing black skinny jeans, a royal blue t-shirt, and black Converse sneakers. Every five to ten minutes, he shakes his head slightly so that his hair falls back to the left side of his face. With his hands shoved into the front pockets of his jeans, he is leaning against the wall as he stares at the ground. When he does look around, he makes no eye contact with any of his fellow concertgoers around him. He maintains this stance for over an hour until the gate opens and he makes his way into the venue. It is at this moment that the uncomfortable and nervous look on his face morphs into a happy and excited look. It is then that I see a smile beaming from ear to ear.
At the back of the line, stands a couple talking. My first reaction to this couple was one of wonder since the girl appeared far too young for the guy, but then I realized this was not a romantic couple…this was a father taking his teenage daughter to a concert. The father, with his receding gray hairline and beard, appears to be approximately 50 years old. He is dressed in blue jeans and a mechanic’s work shirt. His hands, stained by grease and oil of his workday, move through the air as he appears to instruct the daughter to stay in line as he walks to the front of the line to peer into The White Rabbit. As he looks through the locked gate, his hands remain on his hips as he assesses the venue. A look of concern washes over his face. Perhaps this is the very first time he is allowi...

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...rose and lavender creates an airy and carefree feeling.
As I turn to leave the store, I notice a playful song playing overhead as it tells listeners to “clap along if you know what happiness is to you” and I cannot help but smile. While making my way back towards the exit, the aroma of apple, vanilla, cinnamon, and pumpkin stop me dead in my tracks. A touch of pine and sandalwood seem to accent the air and it reminds of fall as a warm, comforting embrace wraps around me. I find myself longing for the crisp days of November and the crackling of the fireplace as I walk aimlessly through the rest of the mall.
CHECK: While visiting the bath and body store, oddly there was not much background sound except for the music playing overhead. I am wondering if I should have embellished my observations a bit since my time spent in the store did not result in many sounds.

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