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Essay Going through the Past

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History taking induces connections to the patient’s past problems to his or her reasoning for visiting the doctor today. During history taking, two different things are occurring: the doctor attempts to shape and validate the patient’s visit while the patient discusses his or her medical problem. As seen in the “Sore Shoulder” clip, history taking highlights the patient telling her doctor of her past medical issues with bursitis. Simultaneously, the doctor, in the clip, tries counteracting the patient’s prediction of having bursitis with an acute problem. I am going to discuss the pro and cons for history taking through the perspective from the doctor but I am arguing that history taking creates more problems rather than solves them. Further, I also am going to argue that history taking blurs communications between both the patient and doctor showing the patient also has his or her own agenda.
The role of the doctor, during history taking, is significant because he or she authenticates the patient’s visit. During any visit to the doctor, patients present a “doctorable” problem which is the impression the doctor will be able to treat and fix any medical issues (Halkowski 113). According to Elizabeth Boyd and John Heritage, history takings are used for the physician’s benefit because it aids establishment of an agenda for the patient’s response (Boyd and Heritage 154). History taking also gives a sense of meaning for the patient’s feelings of “fear and physical discomfort” for his or her health (Roter and Hall 5). In the “Sore Shoulder” clip, the doctor acknowledges the patient’s history during her problem presentation:
“Pat: … Thuh reason I’m here is because >a couple years ago< I had frozen shoulder in thee other arm
Doc: A[...

... middle of paper ...

... doctors.
The history taking process should that there is a struggle between the doctor-patient relationship. Throughout the history taking process in “Sore Shoulder”, doctor and patient alike ignore one another’s arguments and disagreements highlighting there is a lack of communication between the doctor and patient because they are both vouching for two completely opposite problems: chronic and acute. The idea that patients and doctors work together to find a diagnosis is ideal in which reality shows that it favors the doctors’ stance of the situation. To overcome such imbalance in doctor’s office, doctors should be neutral and let the patient speak of their experiences and patients should be open to other options and treatments. History taking ultimately test and display the relationship between doctor and patient showing that it is not always reciprocal.

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