Going through the Developments of Life Essay

Going through the Developments of Life Essay

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Everyone has a different development, but what is development? According to Santrock (2014, pg 2), Development is the process of change that begins at conception and throughout the human life span. During the lifetime, the processes involved in the developmental changes are biological process, cognitive process and socioemotional process. Biological process is “the changes in an individual’s physical nature” (Santrock, 2014, pg 10). People grow taller, weight gains, hormonal changes are the examples of biological process. Cognitive process is “the changes in an individual’s thinking, intelligence, and language” (Santrock, 2014, pg 10). It means an individual knows how to use knowledge to solve problems, making decisions and understanding the language. Socioemotional process is the changes in emotion, personality and the relationship with others (Santrock, 2014, pg 10). In other words, people express their emotion and personality more clearly, and with relationship, they know who they want to interact with and how to behave with that person. Just like any others, Ted Kaczynski and Alice Walker have to go through the processes of developmental changes. The lives of Ted Kaczynski and Alice Walker were totally the opposite of each other. They were in a different socioeconomic status. “Socioeconomic status refers to a person’s position within society based on occupational, educational, and economic characteristics” (Santrock, 2014, pg 8). Ted Kaczynski was a genius and had a good background family. However, he always withdrew himself from social interaction. He became a professor in UC Berkley. After a few years, he resigned and moved to a rural area. Later in his life, he was known as a Unabomber. He pleaded guilty and was sentenced t...

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...e was insane. Conversely, instead of destroying things like Ted, Alice Walker spent her days to fight for racism. She didn’t isolated herself. She got herself involved in society. Alice developed good social skill so it guided her cognitive development in a positive way. She knew how to use her knowledge to fight for the rights of herself and others. Later in life, Alice became a successful writer. To conclude, social interaction has a major impact on cognitive development of individual. After looking at the lives of Ted and Alice, I realize that studying life span development is important because I think that how I learn why I become of who I am today. The events that I have experienced in my lifetime will affect my development for the rest of my life.

Works Cited

Santrock, John W (2014). Essentials of Life Span Development (3rd edition). New York: McGraw-Hill.

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