Essay about Going Green Is At The Heart Of Mean Green Cleaning

Essay about Going Green Is At The Heart Of Mean Green Cleaning

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Going green is at the heart of Mean Green Cleaning 's (MGC) core business values, and coincidentally at the core of the change occurring in the cleaning industry. With MGCs services focused clearly on “going green”, they are poised to gain a competitive share of the expected cleaning industry. Further, by using products from the leading producer of green cleaning products, MGC have an advantage over other small businesses.
Green cleaning products and procedures are becoming prominent as environmentalism becomes mainstream and new environmental regulations pass; businesses should keep in mind the benefits of being green. For all types of cleaning, there is an opportunity for businesses that use the new technology to advance over the many companies that have not changed their cleaning methods in years and years.
The company’s foundation is built on values held by the owners, which distinguish them and guide Mean Green Cleaning 's actions. Mean Green Cleaning’s value are “honesty, integrity, fairness, justice, and trust.” (Ferrell, Fraedrich, Ferrell, 2013, pg. 65) Business is conducted in a socially responsible and ethical manner. The owners and “employees respect the law, support universal human rights, protect the environment, and benefit the communities where they work.” (Jurgens, 2006)
Mission Statement
Mean Green Cleaning is an employee owned company determined to give customers the best cleaning possible at affordable rates using products that are green and biodegradable. By using only environmentally safe and non-toxic “green” cleaners, customers with and without allergies can breathe easy. Mean Green Cleaning 's “mission is to provide its clients with superior green home cleaning service that protects the family an...

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...tenance and proper cleaning procedures.
• Use biodegradable products with little or no dyes and conserve renewable resources.
• Give a superior cleaning while being environmentally friendly.
At Mean Green Cleaning, the goal is to provide top quality residential house cleaning at the best possible price and with maximum effectiveness. The cleaning professionals have participated in extensive training that focuses on providing effective and efficient customer service. They strive to provide meaningful customer service, which is valued amongst the industry. Mean green cleaning is a leader in social responsibilities and driven by stakeholders who utilize their products. Their ability to include the values of their consumers in the initial phase of the business has driven profits to an all-time high. Mean Green Cleaning has a bright future in the cleaning industry.

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