Essay about Going from a Healthcare Center to a County Public Hospital

Essay about Going from a Healthcare Center to a County Public Hospital

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Burrows Healthcare is going to be a Jefferson county public hospital District No. 2. The Healthcare facility will provide healthcare or the residents of Eastern Jefferson County. It will provide inpatient care and an all-inclusive range of outpatient amenities including emergency care, diagnostic imaging, Laboratory, physical therapy and rehabilitation, surgical services and sleep medicine. In addition, Burrows healthcare will be initiating five primary clinics and home health & hospice agency.
The Burrows Healthcare will hire workers at the onset of operations of around 500 workers which will prove to be of benefit to Jefferson County being a major employer, 25 physicians and mid-level professionals and will have agreements with specialists to provide care for residents of the county. A five-member elected board will govern burrows health care.
Size of the Faculty
Burrows health care facility will cover a land area of the quarter an acre due to the vast utilities used in the provision of services, which will include a state of the art laboratory and a swimming pool facility used for physical therapy. There will also be a leisure center and a dining eatery. The facility will care for inpatients being a 25 bed acute facility in each wing (Private and public wing) and the maternity ward.
Type of facility
Burrows health care facility will be offering General services to the public. These services include emergency care, diagnostic imaging, Laboratory, physical therapy and rehabilitation, surgical services and sleep medicine and construction of outside primary clinics and a home health & hospice agency.

Payment Type
Burrows Healthcare facility, is a community based public health care facility but will o...

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...ty building and service integration activities diversely across Jefferson with a prominence on priority populations acknowledged by geography and/or population groupings. A priority population has one or both of the following characteristics:
face obstacles to accessing primary care services due to geographic isolation, cultural or language barriers, have a higher burden or risk of ill health due to social determinants of health, such as socio-economic status, age, environmental factors, social isolation, mental health issues, gender, sexual orientation or chronic diseases.

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