Goffman and Stigmatization: The Stigma That Obese Individual Suffers From

Goffman and Stigmatization: The Stigma That Obese Individual Suffers From

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(c) Goffman and Stigmatization
Recently, obesity problem has been increased in many developed countries around the world tormenting a large number of people more than ever before. Not only is obesity a negative factor when one’s health issue is considered, but also there are sociological factors that can negatively influence the lives of obese people. In order to understand about sociological perspectives toward obesity, it is useful to associate with the Goffman’s writings and his theories such as stigmatization and symbolic interactionism. These theories allow us to thoroughly analyze the sociological issue that obese individuals face. Moreover, it is important to consider possible solutions to cure stigmatized individuals and to prevent a stigma attached to obesity.
In order to take a sociological viewpoint into account when one examines obesity, first it is important to understand how obesity is recognized in current society. According to today’s news articles and magazines and advertisements and other mass media about health and healthy life, one can easily realize that a great number of people have an eagerness to be healthy. Also, one can assume through these mass media about health that everyone wants to be attractive, and they are even prone to transform their own behaviors to gain attractiveness. This is because most people live a life where social interaction is frequently required and must engage themselves into social interaction every day of their life. Therefore, based on these ideas and proofs throughout this mass media, obesity is regarded as one of the characteristics that is disgraceful and undesirable in society.
Many researches and studies conducted in America, one of the major countries afflicted with the...

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