God's Personal Intervention in the Lives of His People Essay example

God's Personal Intervention in the Lives of His People Essay example

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The Old Testament is full of examples of God or Yahweh having personal relationships with his people. There are countless instances that he visibly or audibly provides proof that he is in control and works in the lives of those who follow after him. David, who was know as a man after God’s own heart, found himself being constantly pursued by King Saul but always rescued by God from certain death. In Psalm 18, David praises the Lord in what has now become canonized in the Bible and is known as a Psalm of Praise. The psalm opens with the powerful sentence: “I love you, O Lord, my strength,” which immediately demonstrates David‘s devotion to the Lord along with the recognition that he provides something that David does not have: strength (New International Version, Ps. 18.1). Throughout the psalm, a personal relationship between God and David is exemplified. David is a warrior, and he sees God as the ultimate warrior, teaching him how to fight. The extended metaphor of the preparation for war and the act of war is followed throughout Psalm 18. Although David recognizes that it was the Lord who ultimately defeated the enemy, David explains that his God taught him how to stand against the enemy. The heavy imagery along with other figures of speech allow the psalm to move fluidly from one idea to the next. Synthetic, antithetic, and synonymous parallelism, as seen in most biblical poetry, is used to emphasize important ideas. This repetition of phrasing and ideas adds to the movement of the poem while the extended use of personal pronouns makes the poem an intimate experience between David and the Lord.
This song of praise exemplifies God’s personal intervention in the lives of his people, rather it be personal or community oriented, ...

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... how big God is and how mighty he is to save. Ryken says “In all these cases , hyperbole is a literal “lie” used for the sake of emotional effect” (Words 177).
As Ryken points out in Words of Delight, “In Psalm 18:31-42...the conventional arming of he warrior and the warrior’s boast treat God as the one who arms the hero and is worthy of honor” (116).
The lone simile in Psalm 18 provides the entry way to a significant portion of the psalm. When David said, “He makes my feet like the feet of a deer; he enables me to stand on the heights,” the image of David climbing to the heights of God is clearly seen (Ps 18.33). Know longer is David a clumsy human but an elegant deer who scales mountains. (reverse personification?) But even with this added height achieved by being made like a deer, the Lord still had to “stoop down to make me [David] great” (Ps. 18.35).

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