Essay on The Gods Of The Sea

Essay on The Gods Of The Sea

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Ever wonder why Poseidon, god of the seas, was said to have such an unpredictable temper? Maybe the Greeks just simply chose to make him that way to make their myths filled with more drama, or maybe his personality is based on the element that he reigns over. Either way, since Poseidon ruled over the sea in Greek myth, he was the sole figure responsible for the sea’s natural events and their unpredictability. Knowing that myths accounted for natural events in ways like Poseidon’s personification of the seas is important because it gives some insight on how the people of Greece would explain such strange phenomena, for example, the changing seasons. With that in mind, one should know that the awe-inspiring, physical nature of our world is key to understanding that myths account for natural events by placing the blame of the events on some god or godlike figure(s).
To delve deeper into how myths account for natural events, one could look at how the personification of many godlike figures represent certain astronomical or natural events. According to the authors of our text, Apollo’s personification of the sun is illustrated by his blazing chariot that journeys through the sky daily (Harris and Platzner 41). Without knowledge of Apollo or any other godlike figure owning the responsibility for the sun’s strange actions throughout a normal day, a normal Greek citizen could possible go mad trying to explain it himself. So, a benefit that the people of Greece were lucky to have is that Greek myth helped ease the minds of Greek citizens of the unknown by explaining the unknown phenomena that they faced daily. Another personification that Greek myth used to explain the crazy, but natural phenomena of our world is the god Zeus and his rule...

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...e world. Death, a natural event that we’ll all face someday, was most , likely the hardest phenomena to explain why it happens, but Hesiod, in his Works and Days where death is explained, does a great job explaining it in way where it was understandable and harmonious with the patriarchal views that were dominant at the time.
After reviewing a few examples of how Greek myth explains certain phenomena, one would be safe in saying that Greek myth surely accounts for natural events as some of them are the center of the myth, such as the case of the origin of fire where the roots of fire are explained. In other myths, such as the Hades and Persephone myth, the gods of Mount Olympus and their actions are used as a sort of primitive science to explain the natural events of our world by placing the responsibility of said natural events on either the gods or godlike figures.

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