The Gods Of Hawaii And Hawaiian Mythology Essay

The Gods Of Hawaii And Hawaiian Mythology Essay

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Gods of Hawaii
Christianity has been present in Hawaii for many decades replacing its former native religion. Christianity is a monotheistic religion which consists of only one god, Jesus Christ. He is believed to be the originator of everything living and non-living. However, Hawaiian mythology is polytheistic; worshipping more than one god. Hawaiian’s believed in many gods and spirits who’ve existed in every aspect of nature. The most prominent deities are Lono, Ku, Kanaloa, and Kāne, the creators of all that exists. Martha Beckwith states, “The Hawaiians worshiped nature gods and these gods entered to a greater or less extent into all the affairs of daily life…” (2). Hawaiian mythology has a more unique way of incorporating itself in different forms into all facets of daily life in the past.
In Hawaiian mythology, all forms of nature has its own god who represents a specific aspect. Christianity has the same concept where there are entities who are usually known as angels. These angels are considered god 's army and constantly is perceived as protectors of individuals or families. Hawaiians believe that an entity can become a guardian for certain families and they go by the name of ‘aumakua. An ‘aumakua can provide support and protection to certain families based on their ancestry. They can range from aquatic life forms to animals who live on land. Offerings and prayers are often given as a way to show their respect as it is a
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valuable trait to hold in Hawaiian culture. Prayers and offerings are usually seen not only towards angels but towards the savior himself, Jesus Christ. These offerings are usually performed before bed or on days dedicated to Christ 's birth. In Hawaiian mythology, the prominent deities ...

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...ld to be a kingdom for the gods. Finally, they gathered clay from the all parts of the world, mixed the clay, and molded it into the shape of a man. Kāne then took a magical clay and formed it into a head. The other three Gods inputted life into the statue and created the first man. The first man was created in the image of Kāne.
Ku, Kāne, Lono, and Kanaloa played important roles in the Hawaiian lifestyle. Hawaiians constantly prayed and presented offerings to the gods to ensure prosperity. Hawaiian’s beliefs of these gods influenced their perspective of how the world was constructed and learned to respect the environment around them. Teaching implemented by the gods also sculpted their intelligence, this included navigation and agriculture. The four dietary influenced the Hawaiian culture heavily, if it was not present Hawaiian culture would not exist as we know it.

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