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God’s Bits of Wood is his third book and one of the most famous novels ever to be written. The author and also an award winning filmmakers Ousmane Sembene was born on 1923 in Ziguinchor, Senegal then a French Colony. Ousmane Sembene literature crosses the geographical and national borders of his home country of Senegal, Mr. Sembene's literary and inspiring output places him today as the father of African films and as the most creative French-speaking African writers in this first century of creative writing in Africa. He published his first writing in 1993 from Marseilles. Sembene has produced five novels, five collections of short stories, and a whole lot of numerous films, four shorts, nine features, and four documentaries “He has given few hundred interviews to teachers, researchers, students, and to dozens of film and literary critics from around the world.” (Gajigo 2) Educated articles on his work have appeared in many international journals. Particularly here, in the US, publications and invitations to university and college campuses almost equal those of Wole Soyinka, and Chinua Achebe. “Of Sembene's ten published literary works, seven have been translated into English, and all of his films are subtitled in English, French, German, Japanese, and Chinese.” (Gajigo 3) In Unites States universities, the attraction to Sembene's work crosses disciplinary boundaries. His literary work has entered the academic program of many high schools and universities throughout Africa.
The novel begins with Ad’jibid’ji the oldest daughter of Bamayako, as she sneaks into a meeting in Bakayo. The first major point was the relationship between Ad’jibid’ji and Niakoro. At first glance we see Niakoro wanting to instruct everyone she can in the h...

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...toulaye, a woman in the industrializations times, stands up for her right against a police officer, and she did before against her brother who tried to cheat her again. Another strong point is the overall action of the women in the village. As the novels begins, they are the house wives who stand firmly behind their husband, as the novel goes forth, the women also go forth as now they stand besides their husbands. Finally they take a step forward and actually go to lead the men. I feel as though the author, Mr. Sembene, mobilizes the women in the novel and empowers them. The novel in many ways made me think about the struggles peoples faces as time went on. From the European industrialization of Africa, to the degrading of men, and simply lowering them down to objects, and the women being able to march and change the aspect of the whole strike, quite astonishing!

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