The Godfather by Mario Puzo Essay

The Godfather by Mario Puzo Essay

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In a world little seen or heard of, the Godfather emerges as the universal symbol of organized crime for all of those who read or watch this tale. From killing Fanucci, a local extortionist, to becoming the most powerful Don in the United States, Vito Corleone’s rise to power is indeed spectacular. The book opens emphasizing the network of friends that Don Corleone has created, starting at the wedding where they have their meetings. After failed negotiations to save his godson Johnny’s movie career, the Don sends Luca Brasi to kill Jack Woltz’s prized $600,000 racehorse and place its head in his bed. This is an example of how the Don can exert his incredible power at will, and Jack Woltz decides to cast Johnny in his new movie. After his dad is almost killed, Michael realizes his destiny, and agrees to kill their enemy Sollozzo, which will start a vicious gang war. Sonny Corleone leads the family and coordinates brutal raids on the five enemy families that force them to back off. Later, Sonny is caught in a trap at a toll booth and shot repeatedly, and the Don returns to negotiate a truce. Next, the Don will finally succumb to death from a heart attack, and Michael Corleone will continue the business. Unexpectedly, Michael will kill many foes of his family and recover the lost prestige of the Corleone family. This novel propelled Mario Puzo onto the national stage; it was the fastest selling book of its time and the foundation for one of the greatest movies of all time. The lifestyle of the god-like Godfather becomes envied by all those who seek the freedom that this crime lord attains. In Mario Puzo's The Godfather, he depicts the theme of freedom to convey how individual's, particularly the Mafia's, involvement in cr...

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