God Takes on the Form of the Good Essay

God Takes on the Form of the Good Essay

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Aristotle and Plato both believed that there were forces at work in nature which were beyond sight and not of the physical world and eternally present. What we call philosophy is really a second philosophy, due to these unseen forces. Plato, one of the world’s greatest philosophers, once had a ground breaking idea. He came forth with the idea of the Forms. These Forms were perfect and unchanging. Everything else in existence took various qualities from the Forms and used them to create their own shapes and purposes. There was one Form, however, that stood above all the rest. The Form of the Good. This is where Aristotle, Plato’s kindred student, related his idea of God to. Through reason and facts and many similarities, it is proven in great detail that these two ideas are one in the same. In addition to Plato and Aristotle, Istvan Bodnar make this claim: Were there no separate forms---entities such as the unmoved mover at the pinnacle of the cosmos---which are without matter and are not of the physical world, physics would be what Aristotle calls first philosophy. As there are such separate entities, physics is dependent on these, and is only a second philosophy.
To begin, Plato’s Form of the Good was in essence the giver of life. It was often related to the sun in the way that they both gave life and allowed all life to grow. So if the Sun is the giver of light, being the creator, then Aristotle’s God is a striking resemblance of this idea. Aristotle realized that for all of science and nature to make sense, there must be a beginning. Science states that energy cannot be created or destroyed and nature is observed to be cyclical in how it destroys and creates life. Every river has a beginning, but even so the water must come f...

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...inally gaze upon the light.
In conclusion, Plato’s’ idea was given new purpose with Aristotle’s God. They have similarities ranging from their eternal existences, and to the way they work and cause motion in the world. The Form of the Good does this through its light and warmth, while the prime mover does it through causing motion from which all other matter either organic or not can exist and change along with time. The Prime mover and The Form of the Good are solely responsible for motion in our world. Both the Prime Mover and The Form of the Good are eternal and unchangeable by another force. Therefore they must be, by logic, the same entity.

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