God 's Calling On Our Lives Essay

God 's Calling On Our Lives Essay

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Dr. Daffe talked about God’s calling, and how we as future ministers should accept His calling on our lives. Throughout these class times, we discussed the ways that God can call us into the ministry, and the things that can keep us from going into the ministry. I believe that we learned a lot from the class in order to pursue the calling that God has placed on our lives.
During the first class period we came up with a definition of what God’s calling actually is. We said that “God’s calling is an inner conviction, given by the Holy Spirit, and confirmed by the word of God, and the body of Christ.” We also discussed the mystery behind God’s calling on our lives. We didn’t ask for it, and it is unexplainable, there is no on and off switch. We don’t have a choice we can either deny it or follow it. We are each called to pursue the calling on our lives, and to me our calling is the reason that God put us on this earth. Without the call of God what would our purpose be?
We also went through some biblical examples, for example, we talked about Abraham who was called by God. He had no...

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