God of the Black Hole

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Where it all begins and where everything ends. That is the place I would like to be. I will know everything since the beginning of time and understand how everything was made. When I look at it, it takes everything that comes near it and reduces it to nothing. It looks like a hole in the universe. Everything that gets sucked inside it will also lose its color and that’s the reason why inside this hole there is no color. All you can hear is your thoughts. It’s like your brain expanded in the universe. After that you will be able to feel the stars and all other living things near or in it because everything near it is sucked in. Only will those who are one with nature able to see this place. One day a boy was born July 7th 2007. He was a special boy. His named was Quincy. He had attained things that people thought it could only happen in dreams. He grew up doing his own thing and believing on what he heard and saw. When he was seven he had a dream. The dream was he had to win lots of battle, later in his life. When that boy turned 16 everything in his life changed. On T.V. one day somebody hacked every television service so every T.V. and radio was on him. He introduces himself and said he works for a God of this universe. His purpose was to play a game and the winner or winning team gets three wishes. The game will be called LOD (live or die). Right now there are people who are ranked with 1-99. They show their likeliness to win. The number will change every time a person dies in the game. You can’t see their number until the game start. You have 1 month to prepare for this game. In this game the max people who can be on a team is three. When you meet a player in the game you will see an aura around them. Also whoever wins the game... ... middle of paper ... ...l matchup. The first battle was Rose vs. Ashley. After an hour of fighting Rose won her match. The second matchup was Justin and Dan. Dan had a weird power and in 10 minutes he defeated Justin. They were shocked and found out they couldn’t stop this power. The last matchup was Quincy vs. James. They had a powerful fight. Both of them were able to use dark powers. After three hours of fighting they said it was time to end this. Both of team uses their forbidden moves. Quincy had the upper hand and was about to win until James teleport behind Quincy and killed him. Quincy drop dead to the ground and his teammates where crying and they were depress. Team Skull won and they got their wishes. 7 years later a hole in the air in James room and Quincy came out of it. Quincy said it was time to take your powers and die. So after that happen Quincy became God of the dark hole.

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