God Of Carnage : An Excellent Play Essay

God Of Carnage : An Excellent Play Essay

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God of Carnage is an excellent play. At first, I was doubtful, but after having the pleasure to view the University of Arkansas’ production of this piece, I was absolutely blown away by the performance of each actor in terms of their delivery and overall responsiveness to their respective source material. Smaller directing elements made for promising scene conflict that was always capitalized on by the actors. For instance, each awkward pause in the group’s conversation was the cue for the actors to use non-verbals that brought to light the idea that there was constant underlying tension between the two parties. The characters all had layers and dimensions to their personalities making them more than just characters in a play. They were real people with real problems. Everything about this play screams unconventional, even the plot. It centers around two families being concerned with the surface level issue of their children fighting, but as the plot continues, the issues gradually get deeper, as the two parties argue about said surface level issues. God of Carnage serves as a comed...

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