God Is Not The Kind Of Thing That Asserts The Claim That God Exists Essay example

God Is Not The Kind Of Thing That Asserts The Claim That God Exists Essay example

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C. S. Lewis said, “God is not the sort of thing that one can be moderately interested in.” This implies that if God exists humanity ought to find the best way to relate with Him and if God does not exist then there is no need to be interested in God at all. Most theist and atheist philosophers like Camus and Sartre agree that the answer to the question of whether God exists makes a huge difference for man. For example, if there is no God then life ends in death, and therefore our existence is inconsequential. On the other hand, if there is a God, then there is a chance/possibility of knowing and relating with Him as part of His creation. In this essay, I seek to provide reasons that asserts the claim that God exists. In addition I respond to the popular atheistic theory of theodicy: which claims that the problem of evil proves that God does not exist and if He does then He is not good and omnipotent.
One argument that theists use to prove the existence of God is the origin of the universe. It relies on the widely popular assertion that the there was a time when the earth did not exist. For centuries, human beings have seen themselves faced with the question of “Why do we have everything instead of nothing?” Atheists claim that the universe we live in is eternal with no beginning or end and that is all. Surely, that claim is not reasonable. If there is a beginning point for the universe, then the actual number of events that occurred in the past is infinite. However, infinity cannot be said to exist in reality because it is just an idea in our minds as illustrated in mathematics whereby whenever we try to deal with infinity we get unsatisfactory and self-contradictory answers. Subtracting infinity from infinity provides a good i...

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...eings and gave the freedom to choose on whether to obey Him. The vast majority of evil and suffering is therefore caused by man himself rather than God. If God chose to intervene every time an individual was about to hurt another then we would be able to exercise the free will that He wishes for us. God allows for suffering to cause us search for His presence which brings peace and fulfilment. By suffering we are reminded that God is the one in control and not ourselves.
After considering all these arguments I inescapably come to the conclusion that God surely exists. He is supreme and independent of the universe that He created, is self-aware, eternal, doesn’t change and can accomplish anything He desires to. Even from a logical point of view the best arguments ever laid down points out that it is more reasonable to believe in him than disapprove His very existence.

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