Essay about God Is All Powerful, All Knowing, And Good

Essay about God Is All Powerful, All Knowing, And Good

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Evil can be characterized as or accompanied by misfortune or suffering; being unfortunate or disastrous. The presence of evil and suffering in our reality appears to present the argument of the existence of an immaculate God. In other words, the conclusion of the Basic Argument is that God doesn’t exist. If the conclusion is true, then perhaps the problem of evil is caused by human moral agents, not the deity or God. The conclusion matters if we want to understand why innocent people suffer.
1. If God exists, then God is all-powerful, all-knowing, and good.

2. If God is all-powerful, then She can prevent innocent people from suffering.

3. If God is all-knowing, then She would know when innocent people are suffering.

4. If God is good, then She would be willing to prevent innocent people from suffering.

5. Innocent people suffer.

6. If God exists and innocent people suffer, then: She can’t prevent innocent people from suffering, or She doesn’t know when innocent people are suffering, or She is not willing to prevent innocent people from suffering.


7. God doesn’t exist.
Premise (1) claims that if God exists, then God is all-powerful, all-knowing, and good. This means that if God is all-powerful, he would be able to prevent all of the evil and suffering in the world. If God is all-knowing, he would know about all of the evil and suffering in the world and would know how to eliminate or prevent it. Finally, if God is perfectly good, he would want to prevent all of the evil and suffering in the world. For example, Casey’s mom was diagnosed with cancer and has only couple months left to live. If god exists, and she is all-powerful, he would be able to prevent Casey’s mom from suffering from her cancer. If god is all...

... middle of paper ... this premise as well. (6) A becomes true.
Second, I made B&C&D all true because it’s the only way to make (1) true, the right side of the horseshoe can’t be false. Which made B in (2) true on the left side of the horseshoe. Also C&D in premise (3,4) are true too. In premise (2,3,4) the left side of the horseshoe is true.
Third, I made H true in (5), making the whole line true. Also in (6) the left side of the horseshoe is true and on the right side E & F & G are all true, but made false by the tilde. Since the left side of the horseshoe is true and right side false the whole line is false, making premise (6) false making the argument valid. 
I was unable to force the conclusion of the argument to be false and the premises to be true, it is impossible for the premises to be true and the conclusion false. The shortcut method shows that this argument is valid.

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