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Living in the country, I decided to start a small farm raising horses and goats. After my first year, it was clear to me that there is a difference between raising horses and goats and it has been my experience that goats are easier to raise and maintain.

By owning horses, their sizes range from one thousand to twelve hundred pounds. As a colt they are born weighing at least one hundred pounds. Within three months a colt can weigh two to three hundred pounds. Transporting these horses require a large and sturdy trailer.

The goats I have raised have ranged in size from twenty to two hundred and fifty pounds. At birth, they can weigh as little as five pounds. Goats do not increase in size quickly therefore even after four to five months, they can weigh no more than twenty to fifty pounds. Goats are easier to transport as it only requires a wire cage on the back of my pickup truck and I can transport one to six goats at one time comfortably.

Horses tend to graze on grass, hay and grain. This tends to be an all day process. When there is grass available, horses...

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