The Goals Of Therapy As A Theoretical Framework For Guide Our Work Together

The Goals Of Therapy As A Theoretical Framework For Guide Our Work Together

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Goals of Therapy
With the case of Juan, I would utilize Adlerian therapy as a theoretical framework to guide our work together. The goals of therapy would be developed in collaboration with Juan during the objective interview and lifestyle assessment based on what he would like to accomplish. The goals for my work with Juan are for him to develop a sense of belonging, overcome feelings of discouragement, and make changes in his lifestyle.
A key concept in Adlerian therapy is that people are social beings and are motivated by social interest. Since this is his first year at the institution he has had to adjust a new social environment. He also identified not having a strong social network and no longer being on speaking terms with a former friend he had since high school. Though he has lost motivation, he expressed an interest in being able to connect with his peers but is unsure how he can do that. He has never put much effort towards developing his social network and identified a goal for him would be to develop confidence and skills to be able to connect with other students.
Another goal Juan would like to accomplish is to have a better understanding of his educational and career goals. He is currently a business major but is concerned about being successful in his program and also has conflicts with some of his instructors. One of the basic life tasks according to Adlerian therapy is contributing to society through our work and by gaining clarity of his occupational goals he will make progress towards achieving this goal.
Counselor’s Role
In Adlerian therapy, the counselor and client work collaboratively and are seen as equals. To help create this sense of equality I would avoid placing physical barriers such as desk or table...

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... strengths he has and develop new patterns to apply to other social interactions. Another encouragement could be saying “You mentioned having issues with your instructors but you have still been attending all of your classes
An ethical consideration is making sure that during informed consent, the client is given a clear understanding of what will take place during sessions. Juan may come to therapy looking for someone assume the role of an expert and may be uncomfortable with the collaborative nature of Adlerian therapy. Another ethical consideration is ensuring that therapy is culturally relevant for the client. Juan may find it difficult talking about his family and personal life based on his cultural values. It may be helpful to discuss these cultural values with Juan and even offer to provide bilingual services for him if that would make him more comfortable.

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