The Goals of the US Education System Essay examples

The Goals of the US Education System Essay examples

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Before the education system was implemented in the U.S., many political figures “wanted to create a national culture and qualified politicians for a republican government” (Spring, 2014, p. 10). Thomas Jefferson was the first to propose “an education, but with limited access for the whole population” (p. 11). On the other hand, Horace Mann called the father of the public schools believed that education was essential to reforming the society and one “important idea was that all children in society attend the same type of school. The school was ideally the common place for all children” with the philosophy of equal opportunity for all (p. 12); however, many were the debates at that time, how to incorporate education in an unfair society. That is why the big question about the U.S. education system is: what are the political and social goals of education since then to now?
Politically speaking, the U. S. public school system was established with the goal of “uniting the American population by instilling common moral and political values… the nation might become free of crime, immoral behavior, and the possibility of political revolution” (Spring, 2014, p. 13). Mann’s political and social objectives focused on the concept of socialization. Learning to obey rules and loyalty and service to the school are two ways in which educational leaders can use socialization as a powerful means of political control (p. 13). However, there is one political and social principle that American society has had always a problem with the equal opportunity for all.
On the other hand, the social goals of the United States school system was to ensure the all “members of a society are given equal chances to pursue wealth and enter any occupation or social...

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In today’s society the major goal of education is “to increase economic growth and prepare students for jobs in the global economy” ( Spring, 2014, p. 10). However, the political goal is still educating future citizens and political leaders. Meanwhile, the social control and resolve social issues are still the social goals of the educational system. Nevertheless, one social issue has not been resolved “the equal opportunity.” This goal has become one of the subjects in disagreement and the path to reach that goal is not ready in place due of inconsistencies between the social, political and economic powers of the system. That is why the question still remains what formulas or standards do we need to reach to implement the goal of educational equality for all in the future?

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