Goals of the Jewish Diploma Project Essay

Goals of the Jewish Diploma Project Essay

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The primary goal of the diploma project was to explain the impact of the Jewish community on the American culture at the turn of the 20th century. The author introduced the current behavior of the Jews in the United States. She also outlined the influence of the Jewish community on the culture, on the society, on the politics and on the finance of America and she described the social factors and character traits that facilitated the achievement of such a huge success which was assigned to the Jews in the every sphere of life.

With this diploma project, the important social and cultural changes caused by the behavior of the Jewish community were clarified. The Jewish success which was achieved by their co-operation and social unity was presented in the bright and clear manner. These were the main features that characterized this social group. The author tried to explain to the reader what the phenomenon of this ethnic group was and to show how much they were loyal to each other. In the thesis, there were also outlined three main waves of Jewish immigration that demonstrated how and from where Jews migrated to America. Moreover, a demographic portrait of the Jewish nation was described in order to express that this community developed in such a fast pace, as well as to present the number of Jewish population in America and to illustrate in which states of the United States and in which cities they used to settle. The author tried to help the reader to note the positive action which the Jews made, that was the active participation in the political, the cultural and the economic life of the American country. What is more, there were included chapters that proved a huge Jewish contribution to the United States , as well as the expla...

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...were accused of disingenuous intentions. As a result, the negative attitude of both societies to each other remained instead of the friendship.

We, as a society, should follow the example from the Jewish community, and like they, we should unite and support within the community. Jewish nation is closely solidarized and loyal to its members. They develop their skills and they are able to use the knowledge to achieve intended goal. They put the religion at the first place and right behind it the education. They know that the pursuit of the self-study facilitates to overcome difficulties. Observing such behavior, it is possible so that we have the opportunity to come to a level, which the Jews represent, not only in the economic or the political sphere but also in the field of science and of education. Jews became a world power. It is a nation worthy to imitate.

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