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Goals of Record Producer Essay

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Here comes Pharrell (record producer/music artist) on the radio with a new snazzy song. The song is such a hit that it has great vibes and a flowing rhythm. But wait, how does Pharrell create a song that is so attractive to your ears? A record producer would be able to answer the questions and help explain why Pharrell song is so brilliant. Record Producer is a great career to get into because they create new types of music and meet new or highly known musicians. Even though you have to learn new instruments it’s a great opportunity to create music.
To attain the goal to become a record producer I have to be dedicated of creating music. Also I have to take time of my friends and family in order to become a successful producer and a music junkie. Than I have to know the in & outs of the music industry and know how to create artistic rhythm. I have to make sure that I have enough connection to have good collaboration to work. At the for most I have be work extra hard just to get where I have to be in the music industry (at the top if I’m lucky).

Record Producer is a person who creates beats for other music artist or for themselves. A producer has many roles such as creating a blueprint for the project, selecting songs and musicians, coaching the artist in the studio, controlling the recording sessions, and supervising the entire production. Producers also often take on a wider management role with responsibility for the cost, schedules, and negotiations. A producer aims to gain popularity in the music industry or individual positive exposure to music labels (such music companies as Sony, OVO sound, Def Jams, etc.) Nowadays record producers create music to get label contract or to be heard on the radio.
Since the 1950s, many di...

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... financial because the time spent on the music production.
Being a record producer is dedicating career to get into. Even though the career has a lot of stuff to learn it helps expand your mind. This is a great opportunity to get into because producers create new types of music and meet new or highly known famous musicians. Even though you have to learn new instruments it’s a great way to create artistic music.
Attaining the goal to become a record producer maybe hard but I have to be dedicated. Also I have to take time out of my in order to become a successful producer and a music junkie. Than I have to know the struggles of the music industry and know how to create music that unheard of. I have to make sure that I have enough connection to get new artist or work with other people. At the for most I have be work extra hard just to become a good record producer.

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