The Goals Of Public Education Essay

The Goals Of Public Education Essay

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What classes or subjects should students learn about in school to make them well-educated and fulfill the goals of public education? Say what your goals of public education are. This K-12 and state what would be important if you were making those decisions.
After listening to my classmates in Op-eds, the readings, and the class discussions, I feel there are a number of classes/subjects that should be taught in schools to help develop well-educated students. These are just a few of the subjects and their content if I developed a public education curriculum. My goal would be for every high school graduate to walk away from high school with the tools and knowledge to succeed as a functioning member of society. I would put emphasis on skills in communication (verbal and written), the ability to do basic math, the knowledge of how to solve multiple types of mathematical problems, balancing and budgeting money, knowledge of US history and science, to know basic Spanish and American sign language, and a wide variety of life skills (cooking, sewing, care of automotives, self defence, marriage and family, computer skills) and have experience with practical life skills.
The following are classes/subjects and what should be covered in the education of a student from K-12th grade in each state.
Math- basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, story problems, fractions, checkbook balancing, basic investments, savings plans, statistics, geometry, algebra, and basic calculus.
Science- basic astronomy, biology, chemistry, geology, physics, weather, environmental science
History- U.S. history from Colonial time to current events, wars/battles, relationships with different countries, world history (Asian, European), social studies...

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..., I did not know very much about public education. I definitely did not know how many options there were with public education or what policies and reforms existed in education. As I prepare to leave this class and look back at this past semester, I think of all of the things I have learned about and the influence they will have on my teaching in the future. I feel I can take what I have learned in this class and apply it to my teaching, providing me with ideas to advocate for my students. I also learned how to improve schools and learning for students. I feel more prepared with the knowledge of policies and reforms that I have learned in this class, in addition to how education has changed over time, how charter schools work, school choice options, tenure and standardized testing. I feel this class has helped prepare me to become a good, well-educated teacher.

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